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Intro to Octane for Blender

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Tired of rendering with Cycles and Eevee in Blender? Give Octane a try! This tutorial is an introduction to the Octane plugin for Blender 2.83 and how I use it in a Concept Design workflow. Did I mention the plugin is free?!?!?

What topics are covered?

- Basic overview and first steps with Octane for Blender

- Translating the most common Cycles/Eevee shaders into Octane

- World and Render settings

- Imager and Post Processing effects

Who is it for?

Designers/Artists/Creatives who are interested in new ways to create.

What will I get?

- 2 hour video tutorial with narration

- 3D scene in BLEND format (purchased character and other models as well as textures can’t be included due to licensing restrictions) - make sure to use the Octane plugin version when opening this file!

- PSD file

What do I need to have before I start?

- Blender 2.83 Octane Edition

- Octane Server Prime/Studio/Enterprise

- knowledge of Blender

- experience with digital image making workflows

- Adobe Photoshop or equivalent

Who made this?

My name is Jan Urschel and I'm a professional concept designer and creative director working in the film and video game industry working on projects such as Captain Marvel, Ghost in the Shell, Rogue One and many more.

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Intro to Octane for Blender

21 ratings
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