Sci-fi Environment Design in Blender

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Learn to create a moody sci-fi interior/exterior scene. We explore different lighting scenarios, a variety to surfaces and materials to help push your scenes further. Bonus: a little spaceship kitbashing action.

What topics are covered?
- modeling, shading and lighting of the environment
- how to repurpose older models for something new
- basic lookdev and rendering with Eevee and Cycles
- Quick overview of Photoshop paintover

Who is it for?
Designers/Artists/Creatives who are interested in new ways to create.

What will I get?
- 2 hour video tutorial with narration
- 3D source BLEND file
- PSD file
- textures

What do I need to have before I start:
- Blender 2.82
- basic knowledge of Blender
- experience with digital image making workflows
- Adobe Photoshop or equivalent

Who made this?
My name is Jan Urschel and I'm a professional concept designer and creative director working in the film and video game industry working on projects such as Captain Marvel, Ghost in the Shell, Rogue One and many more.

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Sci-fi Environment Design in Blender

26 ratings
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