Master Bundle - June 2021

Jan Urschel
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More info and samples here

Included Products

- Megacity - Part 1 - Design and Modeling

- Megacity - Part 2 - Final Cityscape Render

- Spaceship Design - Part 1 - Design and Modeling

- Spaceship Design - Part 2 - Materials and Render

- Megacity Streets - Kitbash, Design and Process

- Interior Lighting - Futuristic Corridor

- Render Engines - A small overview

- Procedural Landscapes in Blender

- Procedural Cityscapes in Blender

- Weather Effects in Blender

- Rocky Landscapes in Blender

- Sci-fi Environment Design in Blender

- Realistic Set Design in Blender

- Cinematic Set Design in Blender

- 3D Environment Design for Production

- Design Presentation in Blender

- Sketching 3D Environments in Blender

- Intro to Octane for Blender

- Realistic Architectural Studies

- Interior Architecture in Blender

The ultimate bundle for 3D concept design with a focus on environments and scifi. You want it all, you get it all. Natural and man-made. Realistic and cinematic. Small and large (and very large). Day and night. Inside and out. Get down with the latest tools and techniques and see the strength of a modern 3D workflow.

- Modeling. Procedural tools. Modifiers. Particles. Simulations.

- Shaders. Textures. Lighting. Rendering. Octane. Eevee. Cycles.

- Everything in one package. For more details check the individual products below.

Whats included?

- Almost 42 hours of video tutorials with narration

- 3D scenes in BLEND, FBX, ORBX format

- PSD file for the final images

- image textures

- reference images

What do I need to have before I start?

- 3D package (Blender is preferred)

- experience with digital image making workflows

- Adobe Photoshop or equivalent (Affinity Photo etc)

- For specific requirements please refer to the individual products

Who made this?

My name is Jan Urschel and I'm a professional concept designer and creative director working in the film and video game industry working on projects such as Captain Marvel, Ghost in the Shell, Rogue One and many more.

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Master Bundle - June 2021

3 ratings
I want this!